Dirt Quake 2014
Castle Rock, WA

Love it!
Where the f@£k has M,S’n’G’s been!?!?!

As the title suggests I’ve been away from tumblr from quite a while; I havent forgot about it, just been real busy!

As you may know I have landed myself a job as the sole mechanic at Adrenaline Motorcycles, working mainly on classic jap bikes. Needless to say it has been fantastic to finally put something I adore into a working job ( and its making me money!!! ) and to have built a good customer rapport in this time already (4months) has really surprised me.  As with everything, it has had its ups and downs, but when it comes to the final feeling its fucking awesome. 

Everything I do is motorcycle based; my commute, my work, my homelife, EVERYTHING! AND I LOVE IT!

I am trying to keep up with blog, but long days and sometimes nights at the workshop keep me away from an internet connection. 

Just take solace in the fact that I am enjoying everything I do now! 

and remember…

Stay Shiny Side Up!!

Just an everyday ‘ting ;)
Something abit god damn sexy about this RR

Harley-Davidson bobber