In the beginning, there was the bike; and it was without shame of its nudity. but lo; upon feasting from the forbidden fruit of speed, it covered up. one tribe stayed true to nature and there was much rejoicing.
The only people who ever get anyplace interesting are the people who get lost.
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Where have I been!?

My followers may have noticed a lack of updates on the blog recently and for this I apologise. I have been busy as a bee getting myself sorted for my new job as a Motorcycle Mechanic for a Classic Motorcycle shop, needless to say I am loving it, but my other proverbially dipped fingers have been missing out due to this.

Thank you to all my followers for sticking with it, and to the new followers welcome to my little spot of heaven. 

Stay safe everyone, and remember:
Stay shiny side up!

Ben @mudsweatngears

Sex on fire
Someone has made fake London Underground signs, and whoever did it is a ruddy genius.